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Mission statement

Our purpose is to promote a choir that is open to all and does not require auditions, where singers are enabled to gain understanding, skills and competencies in the art and science of music through the rehearsal and performance of public concerts.  
Audience at a Concert
Community Education & Awareness

We aim to develop and maintain public appreciation of, and education in, the art and science of choral music in all its aspects, including through the presentation of public concerts and recitals and through instruction in choral music.

We promote the performance of excellent musical programmes in different geographical locations for the benefit and advancement of musical appreciation by the general public.

Opportunities for All

We encourage amateur composers and arrangers to develop compositions that can be performed by the choir for the advancement of musical knowledge of the choir members and listening audience.

We also invite skilled musicians to perform with the choir as a means of advancing and improving their musical experience and repertoire.

Image by Dayne Topkin
Children Singing in a Choir
Education of Young People

The choir welcomes young members and offers a safe place in which to broaden their musical awareness and understanding.


We also strive to advance education in junior music and are pleased to invite school choirs or other similar groups to participate in our concerts.

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